Feb 13, 2014

Sony is Selling Its WaterProof MP3 Player Inside Water Bottle

Its just the tale of a decade back when iPod & Sony Walkman ruled the world but then Smartphone intrusion nearly killed them but this time Sony has something different in mind & for that they are getting the full media attention. Sony has introduced a Waterproof MP3 player but the story doesn't ends here as their advertising agency is creating the waves by selling the product in a unique way.

Offering the unique products was always the USP of Sony but this time they seems to be way more serious about their waterproof MP3 player as to mark their statement & the credibility of product they are seeling the Waterproof MP3 player in a Water bottle full of water.

Well that really call for a round of applause not only for making such a product but also for showing guts to prove the credibility of their product.

MP3 players might be dead but this waterproof MP3 player from Sony is here to stay considering the attention it is getting through the campaign. The other USP of this MP3 player is that it can provide over an hour of usage by just 3 minutes of charging, so people who are always in hurry can go for this product or the avid travellers who always run out of batteries can opt it for the companion in the walks of solitude.

So why are you still reading this article, just go & get yourself one.

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