Feb 4, 2014

Smartphone under 25 K Xperia Zl or??

Siddharth Saxena
Ques. HI,
I need to buy a smart phone maximum range would be 25k ,best option it seems to be is Sony Xperia ZL but it came to hear a lot regarding Sudden death issue or sleep of death is it true also i need good battery life,i mean after my daily 4 hrs game and some songs it have some battery left,i also want that the phone should last atleast for 2yrs.Is any other option for me Do tell me about Lenovo K900.. Thank you very much ,Waiting for your response.

Ans.  Sony Xperia ZL does suffer with the " sudden death or sleep of death " issue but this is just a firmware snag and can get easily removed with a firmware  update.

But we won't recommend you to buy Sony Xperia ZL or any other Smartphone with a non removable battery.

Because as per your usage the cell phone battery will give up with in a year and you may have to get a replacement and since you want  your phone to last for at least 2 yrs. Then a smart phone with removable battery is the only option.This cancels out Lenovo K900 as battery is non removable.

 We will recommend you to go for samsung galaxy grand 2 as it has 1.5 gb of ram and 1.2 ghz of quad core snapdragon processor. It comes with a  2600 mAh removable battery.Will support all your games and yes with your kind of usage will definitely last for a day and some 2 yrs.

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