Feb 4, 2014

Samsung Note 3 Got regional sim locked !

mohd fahad

Ques. I hv bought and brought the note 3 4g to india from saudi, after using a local sim there          successfully. But now in India when I inserted my Indian sim, the phone is displaying sim unlock code. What to do now. 

Ans.  OK, the phone is asking for a SIM  unlock code.

         Now there can be two scenarios here.

1) Since you have changed the sim the phone is just asking for a default SIM unlock code.
    In this case just enter 0000 as the default unlock code.

2)This can be a case of regional SIM Lock issue.
 Try restarting your phone again with Saudi SIM card and after that again try with Indian SIM card. If this problem still persist then you need to go to a Samsung service center and get the phone regional unlocked.

To avoid regional sim lock issue in future always start your phone by first inserting regional SIM. This will remove the regional SIM lock on the phone, then after you can use the phone anywhere in the world using any SIM.

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