Feb 20, 2014

Now you can turn off the key feedback vibration in Windows Phone

When it comes to surprises then Nokia never fails to make an impression & with Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia it has always kept the standards high. So just after the Lumia Black update & before the annoucnement of truck load features for windows phone at MWC Nokia gave users something to cheer about & that update is to control the feedback vibration while pressing the physical keys on Nokia Lumia series.

Though it might seem an ordinary update but Nokia have seriously given something to cheer about for Nokia Lumia users. As there are times when you really want to use your phone in a silent way without telling your surroundings about what are you doing.

To get that update all you need to do is update your touch app or if you dont have then you can downlaod the touch app from the store which will come under the settings tab on your phone, After that you can really toggle the feedback vibration for the physical keys though you have to reboot your phone to make those changes into effect.

So it might seem a very basic update but it will surely be handy for people who were feeling frustrated just because of it.

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