Feb 27, 2014

Nokia X not a mystery anymore

So finally the clouds of doubt are over & Nokia is out with a android phone though with a forked version but they did launched a few devices that will run Android under the hood. Nokia worked on them a bit harder and come up with a UI that looks a bit like the Metro look on the Lumia devices. Though the future of Nokia X series still lies in the hands of Microsoft but as of now users can go for a Nokia Phone that runs on Android with the support of Microsoft services Instead of Google services.

At MWC Nokia finally added the Nokia X serise to their product that line which means now they will offer low end Asha Devices, X series Android phones and their favorite Lumia series. As per Nokia the X series devices are powered by the forked version of android combined with the Nokia's own UI. the phones will come with  Microsoft services. As per the app store is concerned then Nokia will be providing users with one of their own & for the android apps the phones will be equipped with the Yandex store.

The Nokia X series comprises of Phones like Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. Where Nokia will be targeting the emerging markets with the these phones.

The Nokia X contains the 4 inch IPS LCD display, with a 3MP primary shooter & 4GB internal memory. The phone is powered by the Dual Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor & has 512MB of RAM.

The Nokia XL contains the 5 inch IPS LCD display with a 5MP primary shooter though it has the same amoutn of internal memory but got a bit extra RAM as the Nokia XL contains 768 MB of RAM.

So the fate of these is still in the hands of Microsoft but as of now users are at the receiving end as they are getting a Nokia device powered by the Android & equipped with the Microsoft Services. 

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