Feb 20, 2014

Nokia launches Treasure Tag

From rubber to silicon they have always pioneered their products with constant progress in the innovation field, they might not be facing the best of their times at present but thrive of innovation is still driving them in the field they are known for & to continue with that, now they have come up with Nokia treasure tag to save your things from getting lost.

The Nokia treasure tag is a NFC plus Bluetooth combined product that can be attached to your bags, keys or other valuable items & thus save them from getting lost. The Nokia treasure tag will surely come handy if you have a habit of forgetting things in a constant way. The Nokia treasure tag will be priced at $30.

The Nokia treasure tag will work with the help of an app on your Smartphone device which will enable you to control & manage the device and it will also help you out if you lost the item attached to that sensor. Nokia have combined the Here maps with the Nokia treasure tag app so that you can locate them on a map or if you even loose your phone then you can search for it using the treasure tag.

Nokia might be a bit late with these devices but considering the features they will surely make a dent in this product space only if Nokia can maintain a healthy market for its product line.

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