Feb 12, 2014

Next Windows Phone might come with support for android apps

There are no doubts that windows Phone is the future of smartphone OS but it is still neglected by developers as their first choice of platform because it doesn't have the user base that can make developers go gaga over it, it doesn't have the user base because it doesn't have the many primary apps(though it have covered a lot now), So it is a interconnected loop that can only be terminated by some force & by that external force i mean that either Microsoft or Nokia sit down with their developers to develop the needful apps, which they are already doing but still couldn't get there. So what can be the possible solution to overcome the situation, lets find out.

Android is the driving force in the smartphone market at present for a number of reasons & with that force they are the kitty of developers & at present boasts of the largest pool of apps and now that has become the target of people at Redmond who are considering to allow android apps to run on a windows phone which then attract users to have the beauty & power of windows phone with the goodness of android apps.

Hey wait a minute if windows phone allows that then it will be left to the mercy of Microsoft loyal developers as after that people will be developing for android only knowing that it will run on both OS, so instead of a plus point it might turn into a disaster for windows phone.

So what can Microsoft do to stay afloat & acquire more market share, well they can continue to do what they are doing now as slowly people are moving towards windows phone and as far as we know apps will come to windows phone when people start trusting the platform, for the rest there are people like Rudy Huyn who are so addicted to windows phone that he created the famous apps like Instagram, Vine, Snapchat by the name of 6Tag, 6Sec & 6Snap respectively. If it is still not enough then Microsoft can use their pool of developers to flood the store with apps but considering android apps on Windows Phone will be a total disaster for windows phone platform.

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