Feb 20, 2014

Microsoft Launched OneDrive

Today Microsoft officially launched the OneDrive cloud storage service, The SkyDrive which is now re branded as OneDrive after a patent suit against the service name. Microsoft recently announced the will be renaming the service to OneDrive & now as finally they launched it officially so that users can now access their files on the OneDrive & can also have their apps on the respective platforms.

Microsoft not only re branded the SkyDrive as OneDrive but also introduced a few features that were missing out from the cloud storage service. The most important feature missing out from the SkyDrive was having the shared files in the users Drive but with OneDrive it has been removed, so now you can have the shared files on your drive too.

Users already using the SkyDrive on mobile phones need not to uninstall the app as with a update it will automatically get replaced to OneDrive if your device does support that, that too without any loss of the already stored data on it.

With OneDrive Microsoft also introduced the camera roll backup feature for android too & by enabling that feature you get an extra 3GB on OneDrive cloud Storage. Microsoft also rewards up to 5GB for user referral (500 MB for each referral).

OneDrive is available for all Desktops & major mobile platforms(Windows Phone, iOS & Android). So go & taste the newly branded OneDrive cloud storage from Microsoft.

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