Feb 27, 2014

Github Comes up with their own text editor Atom for Code Lovers

If you are a developer then you must be very familiar with the Github. So to extend that market lead now GitHub has come up with their own text editor for the code lovers. Though we cant say that it will offer you the services that sound of out of the planet but one thing if for sure that it wont be a disappointment to use as we already know the type of service Github provides.

So like all text editors Atom also got the features like File system browser, Fuzzy finder for quickly opening files, Fast project-wide search and replace, Multiple cursors and selections, Multiple panes, Snippets and Code folding.

Though the above features might seem to be a bit ordinary but what makes it worth a try is that it comes with a Node.js integration so that leaves out a fizzy process of indulging with the manual integration and with the deep integration they mean "access the file system, spawn subprocesses, and even start servers directly from within your editor.". So that really makes it worth a try.

While releasing it through a post they mentioned that they want it to be like that even kids from elementary school can learn coding on it. Github termed it as the A hackable text editor for the 21st Century that too keeping it completey open source so you can customize it as you want & can also help in extending it.

As of now it is available in beta only for mac users though it is coming soon for the Windows & Linux users as the beta only if you go & signup for a beta invite. So here is the link to Atom.

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