Feb 25, 2014

Facebook Messenger & BBM are coming to Windows Phone

I think its time when people should stop calling Windows Phone lacks apps as slowly the platform is getting them all, maybe a bit late but finally Facebook messenger & BBM will land on windows Phone in a very short span of time. Announced at the MWC 2014 yesterday that a Facebook messenger & BBM app will head to windows phone while the Facebook messenger is developed by the collaboration between Microsoft & Facebook, BBM will be a standalone app from their native parents.

Though it might be a bit late & out of trend now but still a native Facebook messenger was required by the windows phone users as the Facebook app didn't served the required services from it. Services like attaching files in the chat, messenger delivery notification & the much needed group chat. Facebook beta app seemed to be fulfilling the purpose but that too on a very small scale. So with the standalone Facebook messenger app users will finally have the luxury to exploit Facebook chat to the very extent.

As seen from the trend BBM saw the hype only when it was launched for the multiplatforms after its golden period saw a global decline with the declining sales of Blackberry devices but still who will not deny having this luxurious service on their phone that too without having a Blackberry device so Windows Phone users can finally rejoice as after the announcement at MWC BBM will soon head to Windows Phone store . The thing to note should be will BBM launch a full fledged app or just a minimal version to fulfill the quota of a really cross platform app.

So all we can say now is that better late than never so finally Windows Phone users can rejoice while these two make to the store.

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