Feb 14, 2014

BBM 2.0 is out for Android with support for channels & Dropbox

BBM was once reserved for only BB(Black Beery) but as the platform saw itself in vain after the invasion of Android with Samsung it opt out for the Multiform way to become a service company from a original hardware plus software provider. Though BBM came out strong with the multiform tag but still a few features were reserved for the original or its parent platform but now with version 2.0 of BBM it will shed some sheer awesomeness to android users, if they are still using it.

BBM 2.0 will be out today with the features like :-
  • BBM Voice: You can use your BBM to make calls to your BBM contacts on other platforms like Android, Blackberry & iOS too.
  • BBM Channels: Special chat groups categoried specially for specific things.
  • Dropbox Integration.
  • New Emoticons.
  • Location sharing, picture attachment, voice notes & a way lot of other features.
So when BBM 2.0 will land up in the play store it will be loaded with all the features that will make it par with its parent version on its home platform. So we can sense that Blackberry seems serious about its services now as they don't want users on other platforms to feel like being left out.

So with that update Blackberry might be making its app a way more usable but at the same time they are making their own platform less interested as why will someone now go for a Blackberry device, well who cares as a end user because that competition will only make you receive more as you are always on the receiving end. So just upgrade to BBM 2.0 & enjoy it.

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