Feb 27, 2014

Github Comes up with their own text editor Atom for Code Lovers

If you are a developer then you must be very familiar with the Github. So to extend that market lead now GitHub has come up with their own text editor for the code lovers. Though we cant say that it will offer you the services that sound of out of the planet but one thing if for sure that it wont be a disappointment to use as we already know the type of service Github provides.

Nokia X not a mystery anymore

So finally the clouds of doubt are over & Nokia is out with a android phone though with a forked version but they did launched a few devices that will run Android under the hood. Nokia worked on them a bit harder and come up with a UI that looks a bit like the Metro look on the Lumia devices. Though the future of Nokia X series still lies in the hands of Microsoft but as of now users can go for a Nokia Phone that runs on Android with the support of Microsoft services Instead of Google services.

Feb 26, 2014

Install and download apps directly to SD card in android

Anagha M
Ques. How to download Asphalt 8 game on Karbonn ST 10 tab?? The internal memory available is only 1.47 GB and the game is of 1.60.
Is there any way so that I can download it on Memory Card first and then play??

Feb 25, 2014

Facebook Messenger & BBM are coming to Windows Phone

I think its time when people should stop calling Windows Phone lacks apps as slowly the platform is getting them all, maybe a bit late but finally Facebook messenger & BBM will land on windows Phone in a very short span of time. Announced at the MWC 2014 yesterday that a Facebook messenger & BBM app will head to windows phone while the Facebook messenger is developed by the collaboration between Microsoft & Facebook, BBM will be a standalone app from their native parents.

Feb 24, 2014

Voice calls to be introduced in WhatsApp!!!!

Voice calls are going to be introduced in WhatsApp just after facebook bought WhatsApp for $19bn.It is going to open a new in its war on the cost of mobile communications by introducing free voice calls within months.

BBM Coming Soon to Windows Phone

The much anticipated BBM is coming to Windows Phone in coming weeks. During the Mobile World Congress Nokia announced BBM would be available for Windows Phones and also Nokia's X series mobiles.

Feb 21, 2014

Now you can hide "last seen" feature in WhatsApp on Android

Yes this might give you another shock after the news of WhatsApp acquisition by Facebook but now you can really hide the last seen on WhatsApp though as of now this feature is available for Android only after the it was introduced for iOS users. The last seen feature which served great utility to know weather the person has read your status or not also turned into nightmare for some but finally everyone can just relax & use that feature as with last seen WhatsApp is also serving the function to hide your DP & Status too.

How to repair a corrupt .mp4 video file?? The video was taken on Lumia 625.

Dr. Aditya M
Ques. How to repair a corrupt .mp4 video file?? The video was taken on Lumia 625.

Feb 20, 2014

Now you can turn off the key feedback vibration in Windows Phone

When it comes to surprises then Nokia never fails to make an impression & with Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia it has always kept the standards high. So just after the Lumia Black update & before the annoucnement of truck load features for windows phone at MWC Nokia gave users something to cheer about & that update is to control the feedback vibration while pressing the physical keys on Nokia Lumia series.

The 5 alternatives for the Whatsapp

After the Facebook acquisition of Whatsapp many people might want to switch away from this smartphone messaging client considering their own constraints against the deal. So just to mention that there are other apps you can switch too without worrying about becoming a lone warrior in the messaging field as they also got a huge amount of share & the best thing is they are absolutely free. So Here goes the list.

The Nokia Lumia 720 or the Samsung Galaxy S3

sharan ahuja
Ques. i want to buy a smartphone. i am thinking of buying galaxy s3 but i am confused as it is 2 generations old now. i also like nokia lumia 720 and i am thinking to buy it. tell me which 1 should i go for? i know there is a big price diff b/w them but still. my priorities are good camera and good storage space.
tell me 1 more thing that when will nokia lumia 725 launch in india?
ANS. These days toughest decision of people seems to be choosing a platform with a platform that they can rely upon, as we have mentioned earlier also that it is really a important decision considering the role phones play in our personal as well as professional life by providing the seamless connectivity. Android is surely roaring out there with the huge share of market & number of apps but Windows Phone is a platfrom that offers you a different as well a refreshed UI to deal with. So the question still persists Nokia Lumia 720 or the Samsung Galaxy S3 ? Lets find out then.

Facebook acquires WhatsApp for $16 billion

Oh Yes, you read it right just like everyone else in a moment of shock, Facebook did bought the Whatsapp for $16 billion thus making it a one sided war on the mobile front. Facebook will be paying the $4 billion in cash, $12 billion in Facebook Shares & the additional $3 billion in vesting restricted stock units for the WhatsApp team over the next four years.

Microsoft Launched OneDrive

Today Microsoft officially launched the OneDrive cloud storage service, The SkyDrive which is now re branded as OneDrive after a patent suit against the service name. Microsoft recently announced the will be renaming the service to OneDrive & now as finally they launched it officially so that users can now access their files on the OneDrive & can also have their apps on the respective platforms.

Nokia launches Treasure Tag

From rubber to silicon they have always pioneered their products with constant progress in the innovation field, they might not be facing the best of their times at present but thrive of innovation is still driving them in the field they are known for & to continue with that, now they have come up with Nokia treasure tag to save your things from getting lost.

Feb 19, 2014

HTC Desire X vs Sony Xperia M

vaishal goswani 

Ques. which one is best htc Desire x or Sony xperia m ?

Feb 17, 2014

Note 3 bought from U.S with at&t contract works in India or not ?

Abhishek Chaudhary
Ques. note 3 bought from us with at&t contract works in India or not

Feb 14, 2014

BBM 2.0 is out for Android with support for channels & Dropbox

BBM was once reserved for only BB(Black Beery) but as the platform saw itself in vain after the invasion of Android with Samsung it opt out for the Multiform way to become a service company from a original hardware plus software provider. Though BBM came out strong with the multiform tag but still a few features were reserved for the original or its parent platform but now with version 2.0 of BBM it will shed some sheer awesomeness to android users, if they are still using it.

Feb 13, 2014

Sony is Selling Its WaterProof MP3 Player Inside Water Bottle

Its just the tale of a decade back when iPod & Sony Walkman ruled the world but then Smartphone intrusion nearly killed them but this time Sony has something different in mind & for that they are getting the full media attention. Sony has introduced a Waterproof MP3 player but the story doesn't ends here as their advertising agency is creating the waves by selling the product in a unique way.

Feb 12, 2014

Next Windows Phone might come with support for android apps

There are no doubts that windows Phone is the future of smartphone OS but it is still neglected by developers as their first choice of platform because it doesn't have the user base that can make developers go gaga over it, it doesn't have the user base because it doesn't have the many primary apps(though it have covered a lot now), So it is a interconnected loop that can only be terminated by some force & by that external force i mean that either Microsoft or Nokia sit down with their developers to develop the needful apps, which they are already doing but still couldn't get there. So what can be the possible solution to overcome the situation, lets find out.

Feb 4, 2014

Samsung Note 3 Got regional sim locked !

mohd fahad

Ques. I hv bought and brought the note 3 4g to india from saudi, after using a local sim there          successfully. But now in India when I inserted my Indian sim, the phone is displaying sim unlock code. What to do now. 

Smartphone under 25 K Xperia Zl or??

Siddharth Saxena
Ques. HI,
I need to buy a smart phone maximum range would be 25k ,best option it seems to be is Sony Xperia ZL but it came to hear a lot regarding Sudden death issue or sleep of death is it true also i need good battery life,i mean after my daily 4 hrs game and some songs it have some battery left,i also want that the phone should last atleast for 2yrs.Is any other option for me Do tell me about Lenovo K900.. Thank you very much ,Waiting for your response.

Feb 2, 2014

How do I close running apps in samsung S3?

vidushi kala

Ques. How do I close running apps in samsung S3?

32 inch smart led tv with 2 tv/av one at the front(must have) and back budget 45000 rupees

sanjay jha 
new panvel 

Ques. 32 inch smart led tv with 2 tv/av one at the front(must have) and back budget 45000 rupees give brand name model number and price ?