Jan 26, 2014

Will Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 work in india?

mohd fahad
Ques. I wanna buy sam galaxy note 3 lte n9005 model from middle east. will this work in India?

Ans.  First of all we would like to congratulate for choosing Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 which is future ready for 4g-lte network .

It is good to prefer*  Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 instead of Galaxy Note 3 N9000 which is available in India. the only difference between the two is that N9005 is 4G-Lte ready while N9000 is just limited to 3G.

The 2G and 3G frequency used by both the N9005 and N9000 are same.

  • 2G    GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850/900/1,800/1,900MHz)

  • 3G      HSPA+ (850/900/1,900/2,100MHz)

So, there will no issues with N9005 in receiving/making calls on 2g and surfing the web on 3g.

Now comes the ques will N9005 support future 4g-lte networks in india.

4g-lte bands supported by Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005

  • LTE (800 / 850 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600MHz)  which are all FDD LTE Frequencies.
But India uses the TD LTE frequency #40 (2300 MHz) right now only Apple iPhone 5s supports the TD LTE 40 band.

So, Samsung Note 3 N9005 will work in India only on 2G and 3G and not on 4G-LTE networks. If you are planning to use this handset only in India the buy N9000 model instead of N9005.

*The handset is only good for people who travel abroad and use LTE network there.


  1. I also want to buy n9005 lte version . And use it in india and u.s.a . So should i buy the unlocked version ? Please help !

  2. Yes, do buy the unlocked version and activate it in U.S.A it self using local service providers SIM,
    this will save you from regional SIM lock problem. Lastly, You will be able to use LTE connectivity in U.S.A only and not in India as the LTE version and bands used in India are not supported by Note 3 LTE.

    1. Then can i use 2g nd 3g in india on n9005?

    2. Nd if i buy n9005 unlocked . Will it have issues of region locked in india ?

    3. Yes you can use 2g and 3g in India. After buying n9005 just activate it in the U.S using any U.S service provider SIM this will unlock the regional SIM lock and then you can use any sim from any part of the world.

    4. Thanks for ur advice :-)

    5. HI Adit I also have a Note 3 LTE from Middle east but i am only able to operate on 3G or H+/H signals in India. Whenever i select the 2G mode it shows which all networks are available but is not able to register on it making it unsusable at most of the places (as it cannot register to 2 G signals). I went to Samsung India Service center but no joy. Could you help please?

  3. Hi people, i got my samsung galaxy note 3 n9005 snapdragon 800 edition, from dubai, and its working beautifully with my indian gsm simcard.There has been a lot of speculation that foreign note 3's are region locked Its true but u only the ones with the region locked sticker on the box.i bought mine from uae.souq.com and the funny bit is that the n9005 costs less than the n9000, even though the n9005 is superior to the latter.Now for people who want to buy the snapdragon edition of the note 3 (9005) can buy it from rediffshopping, as it has recently been available by seller soukindia.
    My n9005 noteb3 wasnt region locked when i got it.
    Happy to help.
    Take care
    Signing off.

    1. But what about the warranty, does rediffshopping offer a warranty in india..

    2. where can i get note 3 snapdragon 800 version in india?

    3. can u plz check and lets me know that IMEI number in and out of ur phone is same or not!!!! bcoz i purchased note 3 N9005 from souq and its not working in India and also its imei number is different.

  4. How about the service? If I buy factory unlocked Note 3 N9005 international version from USA and bring to India and if something goes wrong, e.g. faulty screen or something will I get service in India? And will that be under warranty?

  5. Please check and make sure the piece you are buying comes with an international warranty, then only you can enjoy warranty in India other wise not. As far as paid service is concerned, yes you will definitely get one at any service center.

  6. n9005 runs on snapdragon 800 which is capable of running both FDD & TDD LTE networks... we just need to find a way to make it work.

  7. latest on 4G network... N9005 might still work when this rolls out later this year...

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    Can I get a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 in India???