Jan 17, 2014

Which one is better Blogger or Wordpress?

Nayana Sahni
Ques. Which is Better Platform for Building Blogs?
Blogger? Wordpress?

ANS. Being a blogger is the desire of every person out on this planet who does have a habit of thinking & then pouring his thoughts onto paper or digital ink so that he can spread them to the other people. As we know we are into 21st Century & blogging has evolved into digital ink, so while going out to choose a platform we always confuse ourselves between the Blogger which sounds too apt for blogging or WordPress, though there are other million platforms to do that but they don't sound that much promising. So as we narrowed our choice down to Blogger & WordPress now we will decide which one is better of the two.

As I mentioned earlier, Blogger does sound as a stronger means for blogging just because of its name but at the same time we should not forget that it is a decade old platform & now hardly gets any update or more of a support for its extendability, on the other hand WordPress is relatively a newer platform, has more developer base & wildly supported these days by many developers outside he WordPress firm.

Talking about the content delivery then WordPress is way more dynamic & faster than Blogger, Just for instance you want to have a check, count the plugins WordPress has as compared to Blogger.

Talking about the search indexing then Blogger does score par as compared to WordPress as it is built around Google only, So for sure it will perform better in getting you indexed in search results.

So coming to the conclusion if you just looking for a reliable blogging platform then Blogger is a nice option but if you want your blog to be loaded with nice design, dynamic content & better plugin support then opt for WordPress.

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