Jan 21, 2014

Want to extend wifi and share internet connection using DIR 505 or tataphoton max wifi 3G dongle?

sanjay jha
new panvel

Ques. can i share my mtnl triband broadband on my ipod touch using dlink travel router DIR 505 at home.2) can I use tataphoton max wifi 3G dongle to access mtnl triband broadband internet on my ipod touch.


1)  Yes,  you can use your mtnl connection on i Pod through Dlink Travel router DIR 505 at home as this          device act both as a router and as a range extender.

2) OK , now what i am understanding form your query is that you want to use this tataphoton max wifi 3g dongle as a wifi repeater for your mtnl connection for your iPod.

  No, this is not possible as TataPhoton max wifi dongle is creating wifi through it's own built in hardware and is sharing the internet connection from tata docomo's 3G network and all this is being done with the use of in built software that can not be modified at user level.

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