Jan 6, 2014

Transfer audio/video directly from one smartphone to the other..


Ques. how can i transfer audio, video files from android phones to NOKIA LUMIA 520 THROUGH DATA CABLE.

Ans. You cannot transfer data from one phone to the other using just a data cable, you would need the help of a computer/laptop which will act as an intermediary to transfer the data from one phone to the other.
Connect both the phone to your computer, now open the android's phone folder in "my computer" select the audio/video file that you want to transfer, right click>send to> windows phone. After following these steps the file will get transferred into the appropriate folder of the windows phone.

Some ways by which you can transfer data directly from phone to phone are:
  • Bluetooth 
  • NFC (near field communication, only present ob some devices) 
  • WIFI (some apps offer this feature) 

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  1. You may try this Phone to phone transfer, it can help you transfer audio/video/photos from one phone to another, works pretty well for me.
    Hope it helps. Contact me if you have any other question.