Jan 28, 2014

The best mid-Range Android Device

Abhishek More
Ques. Want to buy a phone .(Decent camera ,Decent Battery Life,Decent Gaming Exp)

My Choices are Galaxy S4 Mini , Nexus 4 , Xperia C , Xperia SP

ANS. Considering your requirements of experiencing a Decent battery life, Decent Camera with a Decent Gaming Experience then you clearly laid down a few good choices. You might feel objectionable by our recommendations if you are a serious Samsung fan as doesn't matter what sales figure claim or the dumb smartphone users write but Samsung can never become a contender if you really want a phone for decent usage as no matter what it offers at the end of day it will prove to be device that lags too much despite its resources. So which one you should go for, well lets find out that based on the facts & Specifications.

So now coming down to the choices then we are left with Sony & Nexus 4, both brands can deliver as per your demands as Nexus will provide you with everything you are looking for that too with raw android experience as it comes with stock android. Coming down to the Sony then i would Recomend you Xperia SP over Xperia C as it is high on specs.

I Recommended both Nexus 4 & Xperia SP because both are serious contenders in the category you are looking for as Nexus 4 gives you the stock android experience & Sony Xperia SP provides you with the quality that will never let you down.

So choice is yours as both are decent phones, I can suggest Lumia 920 also if you are ready to raise your budget by few bucks as there is no phone out there that can challenge the Camera quality of Lumia Phones in comparison to their Android Counterparts and with Nokia Camera app on them they have become more ferocious in that category. The only category where you might feel a bit let down by a Nokia is that there are not too many games out there on the platforms but the games that are available on the WP store are too good that you will hardly miss the android phone.

So as you got your choices, choose wisely as per your need & Interest and don't forget to tell us via comments which one you went for.

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