Jan 22, 2014

Laptop suddenly switches off on its own!!

sowrabh joshi 

Ques. why does my laptop shutdown suddenly?is it my battery ?i want to get rid of this problem

Ans. Possible reasons: 
1. Your laptop is overheating/ or CPU fan not working.

Possible Solution: Open up your laptop using a screwdriver (at your own risk!) and clean all the dirt and grime on the fan over the motherboard . Also check  if the fan is working or not. Avoid keeping the laptop directly on the bed, place something hard and flat under the laptop in a way that its ventilation holes get some air to breathe.

2. Loose battery:

Possible Solution: Attach the charging cable to your laptop and see if the laptop turns off or not, if with the charging cable the laptop does not turn off then its a loose battery. Use tape, glue or a piece of paper to fix the battery in place with the contacts. 

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