Jan 28, 2014

Android Phone in the price bucket of 15-17K

shivam aima
Ques. Sir, i want to buy phone under 15k-17k. I have finalized micromax canvas turbo. Is it a good phone ? And is it the best canvas phone at present ? Please help me.

ANS. As you have mentioned your prefered OS as android & came down to the choice of handset maker as Micromax then i should really mention you that having android is just like the old wine so doesnt matter with which branding it is coming down to you as it will offer you the same taste. Though there are few market players like Sony & Htc which do provide you with Custom UI experience with the same android inside them.

Well I m not criticising your choice here but what i m really trying to say is that if you want to go for a android phone then why not for something which is not only cheap but also offer a nice user experience. As you have choose Android as the OS then I m pretty sure you will be using it for gaming & entertainment purpose so for that you should go for Xolo instead of Micromax.

I m suggesting a Xolo instead of Micromax as they are optimised for gaming & hardcore use on the contrary Micormax are just a bundle of hardcore hardware put together to offer android on a very cheap price, so if you are a hardcore user then Xolo should be your choice for the handset.

If you are not into all this & want a phone for all the social networking & photography thing then i would suggest you a Lumia instead of Android Phone. So coming to your point now & talking about Micromax Canvas turbo then for sure it is a nice phone and yes the best canvas in the series so far but as i have already mentioned few points on why you should not opt for this, rest is upto you. By the way if you do opt for a Xolo then Xolo Q3000 or Xolo LT900 can be your options as they got the specificatuions you are looking for that too in your price bucket. So all the best with your choice & do tell us via comments about your choice.

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