Jan 9, 2014

5 Types of Parasitic Apps that Kill Your Battery Life

With smartphone users everywhere, there is one problem that is common to all: short battery life. Everybody probably plugs their phone before leaving their homes when they go out because they expect that in less than a few hours advertised by smartphone companies, their batteries would be on the blink or worse, empty. What’s the use of using a smartphone if the battery is drained much too easily?

Unfortunately, people always blame their active Wi-Fi connection (or their innocent mobile plans), which is definitely not the case. How many times have you heard someone tell you that myth?

Truthfully, it’s not the Internet connection that’s the problem: it’s the apps. Since you can’t really just erase all your apps to save battery life, here are a few app types so you’d know which ones are the best candidates for the vampire like blood sucking effects on your battery.

Apps that Use Location Services
Whether it’s Google maps or the latest game you’re playing—if this is a constant requirement whenever you use your app, you know it’s a killer. If your app constantly needs to know where you are, you’ve got a digital stalker in your hands, and a definite battery life vacuum cleaner.

Apps that are MMORPG
MMORPG is basically self-explanatory; it means “massive multiplayer online role-playing game.” This means you’re participating in a game played by the whole universe, which means it’s a black hole that’s sucking your phone’s life force because you’re having too much fun (finishing quests, slaying monsters, AND making friends). Your phone is a pretty jealous little gadget, because the more you have fun with other people, it dies a little more on the inside—well, its batteries do.

Apps that Require Bluetooth
Just like MMORPG, you can’t just have simultaneous fun with other people—especially those in your vicinity. It’s probably the phone’s way of saying “Hey, you guys are sort of near each other, go out, and have some real fun instead of playing virtual games!”

Seriously though, Bluetooth has always been around that it’s pretty easy to dismiss it. If it’s on and you’re not using it, turn it off. If it’s on and you’re using it, make sure you turn it right back off when you’re done.

Apps that are Graphics-Heavy
High definition. 3D. Overkill graphics that just make you wish you lived inside the game is one sure way to kill your phone’s battery. It’s a smartphone, not a game console or a virtual world—it’s just like a little robot begging for a little rest time for its batteries.

Apps that are Quite Old
Apps that are based on old platforms like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, or games that require you to update often are also reasons why your smartphone isn’t acting as fast as it’s supposed to be, and eventually, draining its batteries dry.

Of course, there are apps you just can’t delete no matter how suicidal your phone becomes every time you play it. Sometimes, you just have to have a power bank or external battery packs in your man purse—in case you can’t plug your charger anywhere.

You can also do the essentials: low light brightness, auto-adjust brightness turned on, and for some smartphones, lowering the screen resolution works. It might also be a good idea to use headphones instead of your smartphone’s speakers when listening to music or game music.

It also helps to only download apps you really need—and not everything else just because you want to fill up your phone’s free memory. If you limit your app downloads, especially the paid ones, you’re not only saving on batteries, but also—if your data plan has a cap—you won’t have to go over your mobile plan limit as well, saving you money in the process.  

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