Dec 15, 2013

Windows 8.2 Concept by Jay Machalani's

Microsoft Windows the traditional desktop OS which has become the synonym of operating system for our computing devices has always been the play ground of developers. Playground talking in terms of design, tweaking the OS core for optimal performance or adding the features we like though Microsoft never supported them but still developers tried every possible thing they could have done to it.
Now traditional desktops & laptops are loosing the ground and so is the Microsoft windows therefore they went on with a total redesign of the OS with not only changing the core but also changing the UI which was termed as metro look and came to knows as Windows 8 in the market. But again it also faced the heat from users who were habitual of using the traditional windows that had start menu & hell lot of features but instead of praising the advancement users started complaining about the missing start menu. So to solve that issue & other problems in a jiffy Microsoft worked out another release to OS named as the windows 8.1 but again users didn't seemed content with it.

Microsoft might be working on another version that will not only workout with the strtagety of Microsoft but will also serve up the expectations of users. So going in that direction Jay Machlani have introduced his own design suggestion for the forthcoming version of the Windows that not only has the start menu but also got the live tiles system deeply embeded into it.

The design by Jay Machlani has introduced the start menu in the windows 8 design with embedding live tiles into it. According to the design user can enjoy the goodness of start menu with the advantage of live tiles into them which will serve the live content to the respective menu items as per need. Seems as if the design by Jay Machlani is inspired by the OS unification of Windows as microsoft is also working on bringing a OS that runs acrooss all devices.

Though the design seems to be interesting but it will surely be tough not only for developers but also for the device to run a design like that without consuming much computing power & providing user with a faster system. Well we can just wait till we get any official conformation on the upcoming design and the waiting period is not long as the Build is around the corner and some news about the new OS design is expected for sure.

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