Dec 15, 2013

WhatsApp beta gets Account Migration & Ability to upload Pre Recored Videos for Windows Phone

Windows Phone has always been discarded by some just because it lack some famous native app or the native apps that are present on it are not par with the their version for Android & iOS. Apps are important for a smartphone just like blood for the human body, So when WhatsApp faced the heat from counterparts like WeChat & Line it also worked out on the missing features for the windows phone and the latest one added to list are the ability to upload Pre Rerecorded videos which was not available previously plus the account migration ability when you change the numbers. 

The ability to upload pre recorded videos was one major feature that was missed seriously by the Windows Phone users as till now WhatsApp just allowed to send only the videos that we recorded at that instant only which was hardly of any use. Now in beta update WhatsApp have included the feature to send pre recorded videos to the contacts, all you have to do is just go to pictures and there only you will find the pre recorded videos which you can upload & send to the respective contacts. Though we still don't know about the limit of size & duration of videos which are allowed to send but users can at least rejoice that now they have the ability to send pre recorded videos.

Some or the other time users have faced a problem of migration of account on whatsapp as there is no feature by using which you can migrate your account to new number. Till now whatsapp account was tied to a single number & if you change your number then you had to create a new account but after the recent update for whatsapp beta you can migrate your account by simply providing the details of your old & new number which then enables you to have your account intact with your phone doesn't matter how many times you change your number.

The above mentioned two features are still in beta phase & we don't have any news about when they will be included in the public version of the app so users need to spend some more time waiting for these features.

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