Dec 28, 2013

Unable to send MMS on lumia 625

Dr. Aditya M 

Ques. I am not able to send MMS messages on my Lumia 625. Earlier, i used Nokia X2-01 on which even if the photo or file size was large, the phone used to resize it and send. But this does not happen on my Lumia 625 device as because of 5 MP camera, the file size is large. However, small photos upto 100kb are easily sent. The error message shown is " Can't send: Media content in this message. Try Again." I tried to send the photo after cropping, but still not possible. Please help. 

Ans.We recreated and tested the scenario on a Lumia 520 and 920 on the Airtel network and it worked absolutely fine. Even large 5mp images were automatically compressed to just 245 kb in size by the phone to send the MMS. 

Only one thing that you need to keep in mind is that to keep the "data connection" to ON (settings> mobile networks) while sending an MMS or you will get the same error as you said. 

Our testing did show that there is no problem with the windows phone operating system or the Lumia series, if you are still facing a problem please call your mobile operator and ask them to send the MMS settings to your phone, even if after the new settings it fails to work then it might be the case that your operator may be limiting MMS messages to a 100kb limit.  

Also the world has moved on from the SMS and MMS generation, you can now even WhatsApp the image to your near and dear ones for free. 

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