Dec 7, 2013

See How You Can Easily Find the Best Broadband Plan

Finding the best broadband plan is not that complicated. If you have been trying different internet broadband plans in the past, you may already be exceedingly familiar with their different features, with what works for you and the level of performance you need from each telecom company.

In fact, you know these broadband plans so well you may already have been combining features or plan bundles all this time just to get the right mix.

However, if you are a first-timer thinking of going for your first-ever broadband plan, you need to learn a thing or two to make sure you know how to pick out the right plan for you.

Yes, you are excited. But try to remember not to jump at the first offer you get. Do some legwork. Research. Explore all other options available to you. There are a lot of good deals out there. Maybe even too many. You only need one.

So make sure you take plenty of time before you decide on that broadband plan. Below are a few important tips on how you can easily spot the one plan that fits you best:

The Most Important Factor: Speed

Speed is crucial. You always want the best connection possible. A connection that is slower than a lame turtle with bifocals is not going to cut it. If they tell you that you are being too choosy, that is true. Because you should be. After all, you want just the right one.
There are different download speed rates. Find which one will match your daily usage. If every morning you love drinking your coffee while checking your inbox, a connection with 1 to 4 Mbps is just right for you. It can handle light surfing. 4-6 Mbps is the best download speed for forwarding an mp3 file or a small-sized m4a video clip. The connection with 6 to 10 Mbps is the average speed for every user. You may consider this if you only check your email or Facebook messages. If you are a gamer and work at home, download speed with 10 Mbps above is the right choice.

Assess Yourself as a User

If you don’t need a 15 Mbps then don’t get it. That is why it is important to have options and assess your usage very well. If your daily online activity includes email, video streaming and updating social media status try to get a broadband plan that is bundled with unlimited surfing feature with at least 6 Mbps connection.

Area Coverage

Not all download speeds are achievable. There are areas that can only accommodate a certain download speed. If your broadband plan is 4G capable but your area cannot handle a higher connection speed, then it is useless.

Heavy Usage

Often, latest online games require multiple players. If you plan to work from home, then get one that offers quick internet connection. This is not the time to look for cheaper bundles.
Also, choose a broadband plan that can accommodate more users. If you still live with your family, obviously you need a more powerful internet connection. You’d probably share it with your family especially those who also have devices that run on Wi-Fi. You can ask for a bundle matrix from your internet service provider and see if you can combine them.

Estimate Your Files

If you are working and the nature of your work requires you to regularly handle large files like high definition videos, an extended mp4 or a heavy presentation with multi-media, consider connections with more powerful download speed.

Broadband Plan Packages and Contracts

In choosing the right broadband plan, you have to be very careful with monthly fees and contract lock-in periods. Some internet service providers stuff the packages with freebies or add-on special devices to tempt you to go for these plans.

Do not be distracted. Know what you need. Focus on that. Only sign a contract when you have found the plan that will give you what you need, hopefully it will be the one with bundles you like.

Internet service providers now give consumers scores of features and benefits. It is going to be up to you to find the broadband plan that maximizes every feature you find helpful.

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