Dec 9, 2013

Protect your passwords using Telepathwords from Microsoft Resarch

Passwords are the barrier that keeps us safe from revealing to the world that who we really are weather they are of social networks, banking sites or of the system we are using. Their safety is major concern as if they are leaked then one can easily intrude into our life & can exploit our life from financially to emotionally. So considering the consequences we should keep our passwords safe & strong to stay safe in this virtual & faster world but still some glitches expose our passwords, so to avoid that tantrum Microsoft have come up with a tool that might not save you from the hackers but will make sure that you have a strong password to counter that guessing game either intruders or guessing software, so here is our experience from that software.

Telepathwords is a tool to find that how strong is your password you can go to the Telepathwords & check weather you are using a safe password or just a exposed one. Telepathwords uses a database of stolen passwords & typical words that people use in their life to keep passwords, by using these tactics it tells you how unique is your password or how easily one can guess your password by just knowing a few words from it. Here is how it works

Telepathwords tries to predict the next character of your passwords by using knowledge of:
  • common passwords, such as those made public as a result of security breaches
  • common phrases, such as those that appear frequently on web pages or in common search queries
  • common password-selection behaviors, such as the use of sequences of adjacent keys
As Telepathwords claim they can't protect you totally as this is just a tool to give you a strong password not to encrypt or make that a safer one as that part of security is dependent on the particluar host where you are going to use that password.

For the data collection issues here are their comments on it "To guess the next character you'll type, we send the characters you have already typed to query our prediction engine. The prediction engine uses a database of common passwords and phrases that is too large for us send to your computer. To protect the contents of the log, we encrypt log entries on your browser, before they are sent to our server. We do not keep the keys required to decrypt the log on any publicly-facing server. (Our servers create a random, unique key for each log, transfer that key to your client, and encrypt the key with a public key that is not stored on any publicly-facing server.) "

So as they clearly mentioned that Telepathwords is just to help you in creating a strong passwords & not collection your data so you can use this tool to have a strong password without worrying that data will be used against you. So do give it a try to check how strong is your password.  

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