Dec 9, 2013

Preventing others from downloading pics from facebook

abhijeet pawar
Ques. hi .i have query regarding facebook.
i wanna how can protect and prevent my pic from getting downloaded by any one which is easily possible right now.

ANS. Social networks have been embedded into our life as blood for the body as doesn't matter what happens but we can't refrain ourselves from posting everything related to our life on social networks. Weather it's about the current mood, achievements or our travel diaries we share everything on social networks to share & interact with our close friends. Well that's the purpose for which social networks are being developed but again as just like any other luxury these also comes with their bad consequences. So here is the solution to the problem of our reader.

Privacy has always been the point of debacle on Facebook as even Mark Zuckerberg suffered from a glitch of privacy change on it. Though the query's concern is different. So as per query we would like to tell you that there is no way from which you can refrain others to download your pictures unless you do the privacy setting to "only me" but then it would not be a good practice being on a social network. Even if Facebook disables the download button then also people can get the pictures by simply dragging the pictures out of browser windows so in short there is no way out unless you do the privacy setting to just "Only me".

Though if you are concerned from particular person or group of people then you can add them to ignore list or while posting content you can select only the particular audience so that it will save you from the people to whom you don't want the content to be visible.

So i hope we have made our point regarding your query for the rest i would like to mention as per Facebook policy that when you accept someone as your friend on Facebook then you do give them the permission to comment, like or share content generated by you or for you and in any case you can't state them as the convict even if their comment harm your sentiments as you are the one who gave them the right. So do share things cautiously on a social network as after a glitch there is no going back.

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