Dec 10, 2013

Official Chennai Express game arrives for Windows Phone

Movie stars are like alternate to gods here in India so doesn't matter what it takes but fans go to the limit to inch closer towards their favorite stars. Be it buying their endorsed items or copying their looks fans do everything so in this fast paced tech world Movie producers are also moving ahead with fans by giving them the flavor of movies in the form of Mobile phone games and the latest addition to the list is Chennai Express escape from the Rameshwaram.

The Chennai Express escape from Rameshwaram can be touted as the Temple Run but with desi tadka as in the game play your favorite star from movie tries to escape from that town crossing the hurdles in his path.

The game inspired by endless running games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers features the main protagonists of the movie – Rahul and Meena – embark on a running adventure, fighting their way through an army of thugs dropped by helicopters while dodging obstacles like vehicles, coconut carts, manholes, and more. You can purchase Magical Urns using the coins collected in-game and can also upgrade the time duration for which all power-ups last.

The game offers exciting fast paced unlimited running action with simple controls and immense replayability. The game features unique graphics and music score inspired by the movie and the South Indian town it is set in - Rameshwaram.

Though the game arrived a bit late on the platform but still windows phone users won't complain as they already enjoyed the exclusive Krrish3 & Dhoom 3 game on windows phone with a little push from Microsoft. So tell us how you felt after playing the desi version of Temple run though the game appeared to be a bit slow & leggy to me. Just head to the windows Phone Store & downlaod Chennai Express EPR game free of cost.

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