Dec 9, 2013

Nokia officially announces the BH-121 Bluetooth headset

Nokia today announced the brand new Bluetooth headset BH-121 that is available in cyan, red, yellow & black. The new accessory will fit in well with the Nokia's Lumia Windows Phone. So what exactly the BH-121 has to offer that there was so much hype for it in the market well there is only one way to find out so just scroll down & get the details.
Nokia BH-121 is a small Bluetooth that can be easily fit in just 39mm x 39mm and 12mm. No doubt it is super small above that it is not the only quality that it has as Nokis BH-121 has a lot more to offer. You can take it as an Apple iPod shuffle but with a premium quality of streaming music from your phone to directly into your ears. Nokia BH-121 comes with a little clip that enables it to stuck into your clothes.

You’ll find all the controls packed within this compact tile. Taking centre stage is one button to handle your calls and to play music, with volume controls, Bluetooth, and track control buttons arranged along the edges for easy access.

Pairing your smartphone couldn’t be simpler, as the BH-121 is NFC-enabled. Just tap your NFC-enabled smartphone against the headset to be instantly connected. There’s also multi-point support if you want to connect two devices. For non-NFC phones, just search through your Bluetooth settings.

The BH-121 comes with noise blocking in-ear headphones (WH-208) that provide a clear and powerful sound. However, the incorporated standard 3.5mm audio connector means that you can attach your favourite headphones, if you wish, and still use the BH-121′s controls. Keeping track of the battery life is done via the indicator LED, but you can also do it via your Lumia. When connected to your phone you can interact with the BH-121 right from your Start screen from its very own Live tile.

So this one is a damn beautiful device that everyone will surely want to try. The Nokia BH-121 will go on sale from December pricing for €39 ($53/£33)  But if you wish to get it free then Nokia conversations is holding a contest to distribute some of them free. 

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