Dec 17, 2013

Nokia Camera beta app now available for all Windows phone 8 based Lumia Devices

When it comes to mobile photography then there is no one who can withstand the fame of Nokia Devices, be it the N95 N8, Nokia 808 or the latest Nokia 1020 with pureview. Nokia have always created waves with the photography experinece on their devices & after the succes at hardware level now they are pushing it with software fron and that is the reason they are working hard to push out as many apps as they can & latest one to join the party is Nokia Camera Beta.

Nokia camera beta that was just a pure view exclusive app is now available for all the windows phone 8 based Lumia devices provided that you got the latest Windows amber update. Now having the latest version of windows phone 8 enables to have the app on devices such has Lumia 520, 525, 620, 625, 720 and Lumia 820.

With the Nokia Camera app even you can shoot like a pro provided you got the necesary skills as by having the Nokia camera app you can control the shutter speed, ISO, exposure value, manual focus and all the other feeatures that you can imagine on a camera. In short we can say that by having Nokia camera beta app on phone makes your phone shoot like a DSLR.

Nokia Camera app also provides the DNG(Digital Negative Format) but that will be available after Lumia Black update only so as of now users on Lumia 1520 can only enjoy the DNG support.

Users must note the fact that it is still a beta app so if you face any issues then Nokia wont be responsible for that though they will expect you to report the issues to them so that you can also contribute to the app development.

As per my personal experience i would suggest that you should give it a shot as having the controls of a DSLR on a phone with Nokia camera will surely shoot up your shooting experience. So in case you want to try this app then here is the link to Nokia camera beta. 

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