Dec 31, 2013

Nokia 106 goes on sale in India for INR 1399

   The mobile phones have not only become a status symbol but also an essential part of our life as we use them for a number of reasons like as a camera, navigator & our personal assistant in number of cases apart from the task of calling and when we really require a phone just for calling purpose then nothing comes to our mind except  Nokia. Be it in the terms of reliability or performance Nokia has always delivered on it through its phones. Well here is another instalment from Nokia in this series that provides you a Phone that is just made for the minimalist.

    Doesn't matter how much our industry has evolved but today we still need these devices for calling purpose and then there are people who need mobile phones just for the calling and to fulfil that requirement Nokia has launched the new Nokia 106 that is available on Nokia store for only INR 1399. Well its a very nominal price to pay for a device that will not only provide you the best calling experience but will also offer you a battery backup that you might forget your charger.

   Nokia 106 might not be the phone that you can take to war with you but it is a device that will surely serve the needful.
    Nokia 106 doesn't have the specification to kill for but still worth mentioning so here they are, Nokia 106 supports Dual Sim So that means two phones at the price of one. Nokia 106 is equipped with the Series 30 OS. Native Games plus The goodness of FM Radio to keep you entertained. Nokia 106 got the 3.5 mm Connector for headphones so you can plugin in any headphone you want. For the utilities it is equipped with Speaking Clock & Flashlight. To power the Nokia 106 it has got a 800 mAh battery that will provide with 35 days of standby time.

So as i said it is not a phone that you can take to a war but will surely serve up the need and even specs depict this thing, so just go & grab the Nokia 106 if you are looking for a phone Just for calling.

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