Dec 20, 2013

Microvault Pen Drive

Shaila Patil 
Ques. What is a Microvault Pendrive?? Is there any advantage to buy it over normal pendrive?

ANS. Buying Devices Like USB Flash Storage Drives is always a big Question for a newbie, as no one wants to jump into the unknown, lets discuss about this question here. There are many Models of Flash Storage Drives available in Market. Everyone with its own pros and cons.Let's Discuss about your choice, SONY MicroVault.

MircoVault is a SONY product, Unlike other USB Flash Drive MicroVault comes with precisely designed metal body with hairline surface finish to provide anti-scratch feature. It is hand-hold in size, it provides most useful Click-To-Use mechanism just like a ball point click pen, and strap hole making it convenient to carry or store

Easy-To-Read LED light illuminates when transfer is in progress, allowing you to check data transfer status. It is preloaded with SONY exclusive software 'EasyLock'(Provides strong Military Grade 256 bit AES Encryption). SONY provides you 'File Rescue Software' allowing you to recover data that has been deleted or damaged accidentally and 'x-Pict Story' Software so that you can create customized slide shows using your Pictures and Music.

we would also like to mention that MicroVault comes with Super Speed USB3.0 Interface allowing you to Transfer data at blazing fast speed of 226MB/s. MicroVault is compatible with Both Windows( XP or Later) and Mac( OS X 10.4 or Later ), And Have Storage Capacity up-to 128GB.

As the Question goes 'Is there any Advantage?' Of Course there is because Data Security an Data recovery are two things unfortunately cannot be overlooked, MicroVault scores a point here. So, why say NO, And its design being another big feature , posession of  such a nice thing should not be fended off.


  1. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Why does the connecting part of pendrives like Sony Micro Vault USM-V Pen Drive, Sandisk Cruzer Orbit CZ58 etc look different than the conventional ones?? Is function of both the same??

    1. Yes, the function of both is same, they are just more compact than others and likewise they will fit in any USB port in a laptop or a computer. These slim drives have some more advantages apart from their compact size, like some are waterproof (test at your own risk), dust-proof and simply more durable than other conventional pen drives.