Dec 10, 2013

Microsoft releases Socl apps for mobile platforms

Microsoft releases its product Socl from its Fuse labs for mobile platforms that is pronounced as the Social. Socl is a platform where you can create content & instantly share it with other people, you can have your own profile based on the interests where you will have content generated by the people of like minded people so in short it is a thing to fall in love instantly that has now come to your mobile after making a serious fuss at the web platform including a rigorous work from Microsoft Research FUSE labs.

The app gives you the ability to quickly create image collages and animated memes, and share them with your friends and family. You can also organize content into collections and manage your posts within the app. The app gives you notifications about community activity on the content you like.

In a short span of time that i spent with the new platform i have become a fan of it, So if you do have a smartphone & a Socl account then download the app so that you can start enjoying it on the go. Even if you don't have a Socl account then i would recommend you to have one as it might be the next big thing so it would be nice to start early with it as after some time you might not be able to catch up with the other folks.

Though Windows Phone users might feel a little disappointed as the app is just available for the phones with 1GB of RAM but still you can enjoy the platform as the mobile site of Socl platforms works fine & very similarly as per the app.

Though there are few glitches that Microsoft have to iron in the future updates but for starting this platform looks promising so Just go & enjoy being Socl.

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