Dec 31, 2013

Microsoft goes Retro with Solitaire, Mahjong & Minesweeper for windows phone 8 devices

We just mentioned in the previous article that how Smartphones have gripped us & have become an important part of our life but they will still be incomplete if they fail to provide us with the ultimate experience of entertainment and the entertainment aspect cannot be completed without having games on the platform.

While talking about the gaming experience, how can we forgot to talk about the good old days when we had the likes of Solitaire, Mahajong & Minesweeper to provide us with the entertainment by applying a bit of presence of mind, well those good old days are back as Microsoft has gone totally retro by Releasing the Solitaire, Mahajong & Minesweepe for the windows phone 8 devices.

They will be provided under the category of Xbox Games which means you can play games at the ease of your need, well not only play these games but can also compete with your friends, earn achievements, Submit scores to the leaderborad & track your personal gameplay statistics.

For the folks who are still wondering what it is all about then i should tell you that Solitaire, Mahajong & Minesweepe are the games that use to come with windows operating system since its launch for personal computers & now they are available for your Windows phone also.

The Solitaire collection has got all the flavours that you need to satisfy your gaming buds, Solitaire has got FreeCell, Spider, TriPeaks and other options that you can think of.

Talking about the Minesweeper than it has got what the retro version was all about that too with the Xbox live integration.

With games like these Microsoft have surely hit the nerve of its loyal users but they will still need to release some more titles to keep the users stacked to their Windows Phone platform.

So, if you want to taste these games then here are the links:

Microsoft Mahajong

Microsoft Minesweeper

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

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