Dec 28, 2013

Merdian Director DAC( Digital to analog converter ) + Martaz amplifier == enhanced sound ?

Sameer Ahmed

Ques: I have a Marantz amp connected to my Boston floor standing speakers . want to attach  a Dac of meridian      
           called Director . Would this enhance the sound ?

Ans. Yes, connecting Meridian Director DAC( Digital to Analog converter) to Marantz amp or any  other amplifier will definitely enhance the sound.
Exactly what  Meridian Director DAC does is that it increases the bit depth of the signal upto 24 bits per sample of sound.
   For example : The sound you we get from a DVD has 16 bits per sample and that from a Blu-Ray has 24 bits per sample.

So, it will basically enhance your normal DVD, MP3 audio quality  to Blu-ray quality and then  transfer it to your amplifier at 195 KHz  frequency.

Now, the amplifier will amplify the signal usually but this time the amount of detail per sample of signal will be more,
hence you will get an enhanced sound.

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