Dec 30, 2013

Line Messenger Will Pay users to Watch ads

Just like Mobile OS's have flooded market from options ranging from Good old Windows, Apple's iOS, Android from Google, Mozilla, or the Scrapped Meego turning into Jolla. Their respectie app stores have also seen a significant competition in apps & the category that have seen most options & stiffens is the IM category where we got a number of apps to woo customers to use their respective apps. Be it BBM, Whatsapp, Line or Wechat everyone has come up with their own offering but now Line messenger has gone a bit far by offering the money to users for watching ads in their app.

The Line messenger has announced the video ads that will pay customers for watching them after the introduction of video ads on Facebook. Line messenger has announced the service as "Line free coin" in which they will pay by Line free coin to users for watching the video ads. As of now the feature is only available for Android Users that too in selected markets.

Line messenger launched the Coin service back in June to make their platform a bit savvy for business people. Now users will have a extra menu where they will be offered Coins for watching the Video ads, Various Companies will also have the option to showcase their videos on the platform for marketing purpose. Users will surely be at the receiving end as they can earn by watching the videos on Line Messenger. The Coins earned through these can be used for in app purchases like Stamps, Premium Stickers & other virtual stuff through Line for which they required Cash in prior to this feature of offering money for watching videos on Line messenger.

As of now the service will be available in Japan only but soon it will be expanded to other countries also. Though Line didn't mentioned any particular date for the availability of this feature in India but we can expect it very soon as Line Messenger is quite popular in India. So now Users got one more reason to use this app, now looking forward to the Indian launch of this feature.

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