Dec 2, 2013

Laptop in the range of 35K to 40K

pritesh chauhan
Ques. i am willing to buy an laptop within price range of 35k to 40k without windows i have considered lenovo g510 i5 4th gen 4gb ram and 500gh harddisk with dos for 36k in india is it a worth buy or should consider other option

ANS. Though computing world is too crowded by the smartphone & tablets as of now but no one can deny the stability & comfort offered by the laptops for our computing needs or we can say when it comes to the point of harnessing some real horsepower from our device. Though there is no new release from the side of Intel or AMD for the processors but we still live in dilemma while in quest for our perfect device. So counting all the minor upgrades to the processors & keeping the requirements of your computing needs here is our solution.

As you already mentioned your choice so all i can do is congratulate you for making our task easier. So here is my piece of advice for you "Just go & grab that device as quickly as possible" because that is an perfect device & will surely offer you a mammoth computing power as per your need.

Lenovo G510 sounds a perfect device because in this price range no one is offering the 4th generation i5 processor. So having 4th generation i5 with 4GB RAM & 500 GB hard disk makes it a perfect device that too with Intel HD Graphics 4600 is like icing on the cake.

Coming to the point of Windows then buying one without an OS or with DOS is a nice option when we are talking in terms of economics but coming to the real world aesthetics & requirements then we do recommend you buying a license with it as having original windows on system will offer a different computing experience till you are not a Linux frenzy guy and want to go full time with OS like Ubuntu.    

So we are leaving the choice of OS to you with a caution that if you want to have windows then do buy a license for the rest you have the goodness of Linux, for the other part Lenvo G510 is a perfect device.

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