Dec 12, 2013

Instagram Now Lets You Share Photos Privately

There is no doubt that tech companies always strive to be better than their rivals as part of their natural phenomenon but copying the features from their counterparts now seems to be part of the trend. After being acquired by Facebook Instagram introduced the short video feature which was the idea from twitter when they introduced the Vine but now seems Instagram is here to challenge the likes of whatsapp, Wechat & even your traditional text messaging as they just introduced the new feature of private messaging.

Today Instagram announced the new feature into its services which enables users to directly send filtered pictures to a private group or even individuals. The new feature will be available today via a app update for iOS & Android users.

The facebook acquired Instagram introduced this feature when the arch rival of private picture messaging SnapChat came into emergence after gaining some user ground & directly posing a threat to the likes of mighty Facebook that was ruling the social networks service before Mobile computing emerged as the mainstream platform to connect socially with our pals. This move can also been seen as the competitor to Twitter as they recently announced that they will support images too in direct messaging.

Just like DMs on twitter, Instagram messages will also stay seperate from the main stream as after the update users will be able to see the inbox feature.

Doesn't matter how users will see & use this feature but this move from Facebook-Instagram duo have certainly pumped up the war for the supremacy of Social network on Mobile platfrom, well there is a logic behind it as now people don't waste time on social networks while they are on their workstation, people use social media when they are on the move, So this war of being the unique one or being unique by making the copied feature ultimate will surely help the end users. So go update your Instagram app & enjoy the feature. For the windows phone users i would say just stay calm & wait till this feature arrives for you. 

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