Dec 9, 2013

Host Websites using Dropbox

Developing a website & then finding the right hosting partner has always been a havoc for every guy out there who wanted a site of his own as some hosting providers are too expensive & few others don't offer the reliable services. So to end that menace Brace have come up with a solution that lets you host your website directly from Dropbox. Hosting with the Dropbox will provide you 24X7 connectivity as Dropbox is a reliable cloud storage service & hardly goes offline, so read on to find how to host your website on Dropbox Using the Brace.
 Brace enables you to host your website from Dropbox only by just enabling a minimal script from Brace. After enabling that script all you have to do is choose a url name then copy your website file's to the dropbox folder under that url. Synchronize the Dropbox with the Internet & your website is live in minutes. Well I m not kidding as hosting with Brace is that simple so if you want to give it a try then go & try it on Barce

Features in Brace Hosting

  • Automatic Versioning: You don't need to worry about who made the latest changes in the code as Brace keeps a track of the version control.
  • On the go editing: You don't need a ftp client or traditional ways as you can just open files from the Dropbox with the editor of your choice & can make the changes on the go.
  • Amazon Cloud Integration: Brace hosting comes up with the premium feature of hosting from Amazon cloud from a single click.
 Though every thing comes with a price & as of now the biggest price one has to pay is that Brace just supports the static sites as of now so don't even think about running the scripts created by your creative juices to make internet a better place to live. Free trial for using that service is of 10 days only after that you can choose from their premium plans to host your website that too with a custom domain name.

To me this service appears promising as they might soon be extending the project to enable hosting of dynamic websites that too with specific APIs & different environments. So for that time you want to try your luck as a first time developer then you should head to Brace that too without wasting much time & do give it a try.   

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