Dec 16, 2013

Google Hangouts on Windows Phone

Dr. Aditya Manekar
Ques. How can I make video calls using Google hangouts on my Lumia 625?? I did not find any specific app in Windows store as it is available on Android PlayStore.

ANS. Google is known for its web services and Google Hangouts is another version of good old Google talk that now come with features of having video chat with one to one or one to many or even supports the group chats. With arsenal like of screen sharing Google hangouts stand directly against the likes of mighty Skype.

The answer to the problem is a Big NO as there are no apps available for windows phone that supports Google hangouts features, You can call it a foul play but Google is playing it by not providing the apps for Windows Phone platform. As of now there are also no third party apps that you can have to use the features of Google hangouts, so the only option you are left with is to just use the hangouts in a traditional way of having them on your workstation. Though there is an alternative of Skype which is good enough.


  1. Are you aware if Google is planning to release any hangout app for windows mobile phones (windows 8) ?

    1. I don't think they will, as google hates microsoft, they also blocked the API for the microsoft made youtube app...