Dec 28, 2013

Find 'call history' in iPhone 5s

Aditi Pareek 

Ques. How to trace call history in iPhone 5s? Where can I find call history against one number. 

Ans. Sadly the iPhone has a 100 call limit in call history. So anything older than a few days is automatically deleted. Also you cannot check history against one particular number.

To see your call history summary you can :

Step 1
Tap the "Phone" app.

Step 2
Tap "Recents" to view a list of recent incoming and outgoing calls made to and from your iPhone.


Open Siri and say something like "Check my call history" or "Check my recent calls". 

If you are unable to view call history you can try these suggestions to fix the problem:
  • go to settings-general-reset-reset network setting. 
  • Settings --> General --> Reset --> Reset All Settings. 
  • erase entire call history log and after this the new calls will start to appear in the call log.   
  • simultaneously holding down the sleep/wake button at the top right of the phone AND the home button at the bottom center of the phone until the screen goes black.  Then clicking the sleep/wake button again until the phone reboots.).  

If any of the above suggestion doesn't fix the problem then you can try the following: (Do at your own risk!)

  1. Delete all "Recent call history" , therefore removing any potential corrupt stuff. 
  2. Delete previous "back ups" in iTunes. 
  3. connect your phone to the computer. 
  4. When the phone appears in iTunes "transfer all your purchases", "sync it" and then do a "back up". 
  5. Then do a full reset on the phone using "Erase all Contents and Settings option". 
  6. When the phone reboots select "Restore from back up using iTunes" 
  7. Plug the phone in when prompted and select the "Restore from back up" on the iTunes screen. 
  8. It may take around two hours to complete the backup process. 
  9. Then unplug it and do a reboot using "sleep/wake button and the home button" 
  10. Now the recent call history will work. 

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