Dec 12, 2013

Extend wifi Router range

Sameer Ahmed

Ques. Dear techtantrik team,
    Hi! I recently got myself a airtel 4g connection in Pune . I have gone for the wireless router (ZTE make ) , which is not giving me a good indoor wifi network . It has a additional antenna port given behind . The box came with no antennas . Neither does airtel or Zte provide antennas for the same . I happen to check that amazon has a lot of antennas for routers on their portal but I don't know which should I choose as I do not know which ones would fit its port.need ur assistance .
Product code ZTE MF 29.

Ans. Hi Sameer, first of all we thank you for choosing techtantrik for your tech related query.
        A lot of people face this wifi range problem, as at times the wifi signal strength is not enough to cover the complete house. In your case you have an Airtel 4g connection supplied with stock ZTE (Modem cum Router)
    The ZTE MF 29 has 2 additional antenna port at the back. These antenna ports are not for Wifi instead they are for receiving LTE signal from the service provider as per the user manual.

        Wifi antennas in the device are in built and there is no external port for any supporting antennas.
Generally the antenna gain(strength) of these in built antenna are around 3Dbi which keeps on decreasing wall after wall in case of house/office. But if there are no walls the range can easily extend up to 20 ft in all directions as these antennas are omnidirectional.  
Now all you need to do is to reposition your Router and place it in the centre point/Wall of your home,
that's it your problem will be solved and the wifi signal will cover your whole home. Even if there are losses due to walls you will at least get some signal strength at every corner of your home.

This solution is tried and tested, even if it does not help. You can buy a wifi range extender/Repeater.
For that we would suggest.


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  1. Hi, This is very useful information. Even I have been using this router for more than 1.5 years in Bangalore and it was working fine. I did not have too much issues with the range also. Unfortunately, since last 4 - 5 weeks, I have started experiencing problem with the range (which is non-existant - unless I am sitting in the same room as the router I can not do anything) and also the wifi signal drops completely. This happens with desktop that is connected to this router via LAN/WAN and other mobile devices. Can you please help / advice as to what could be the problem and if I need a new device? I have already changed the 4G sim to a newer one. Thanks in advance.