Dec 10, 2013

Control Smartphone using the Smarty Ring

Though the year 2013 was all dedicated to the phablets & Smart watch but now seems as if we got the new tech baby to pamper, as we just received the news about the Smarty Ring that will be your soul companion when paired up with your smartphone. So how does this Smart ring differ from much talked about smart watches well this is relatively small as I m sure you must be knowing the difference of size from watch to a ring so just read on to find what all it got to offer.

The new Idea is Smart Ring which is a wearable tech device that connects to your smartphone using the Bluetooth connection. So this wearable tiny tech product offer you the goodness of
  •  Incoming & outgoing call notifications. 
  • Alerts for Text & E-mail messages.
  • Real time updates from social networks.
Well Smarty ring enables you to control your smartphone that too without touching it, So here is a list of things you can do with Smarty Ring
  • Accept or reject incoming calls.
  • Make outing calls to specific numbers.
  • Trigger camera.
  • Control Music.
  • Change phone profile.
Smarty Ring comes loaded with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity measuring 13mm Wide and 4mm Thick. It has 22 maH battery. It is made of Surgical stainless steel body. Users can use it as a phone finder just because it alerts when you go more than 30 feet away from it, so now you wont forget your phone anywhere.

Smart Ring is currently supported with Android & iOS smartphone so to control the ring well it provides you with a screen app that lets you do things like changing the profile of ring, set time zones, Adjust LED brightness & Beeper's volume and to assign the buttons for speed dials.

The Smarty ring runs around 24hrs on a single charge & comes with a wireless charger so that you can charge it with your phone only. They are currently raising funds & have achieved 25% of their target. So no doubt every one will be waiting anguishly to get this device. 

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