Dec 12, 2013

Alcometer app to tell how drunk you are

Its the time of smartphones & other niche tech engaged life but still nothing betas the fun of getting drunk & lost with your friends, but on a number of nodes these fun activities also end up in worst nightmares. So to end that carnage of worst parties technology has once again come up with an optimal solution that helps in you guiding after a die hard party with your friends. Alcometer is the app for windows phone users that will surely help you in saving yourself from on of those carnage after being drunk.

Alcometer lets you determine your blood alcohol level easily. The alcohol content, the glass size and the time of the taking of all drinks are completely customizable. With the LiveTile you can always keep an eye on your blood alcohol maximum.

So as mentioned above the Alcometer app helps you in determining the alcohol level in your blood by simply putting in the details of your personal data like age, weight the amount of food you had and then the amount & type of alcohol you consumed. Based on that raw data Alcometer gives you a detailed report on the alcohol level you have, thing you can do or you shouldn't do the time it will take to get normal.

Well that seems to be a nice idea knowing what you can do after a die hard party. Though the developers claim that its based on the facts only so shouldn't be used if you want to drive after checking the data from Alcometer so for the purpose of proving sobriety when you get caught for the drink & drive case.

Alcometer is laid out simple with your personal profile being displayed on one page, your drinks consumed on another and your BAC results on the third.  Your personal profile includes your body weight, gender, average alcohol consumption and amount of food in your stomach.

Well Alcometer seems nice app for the folks who like to get drunk too often, well considering the case they left with enough senses to use the app. So get your free copy of the app from Windows Phone store .

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