Dec 31, 2013

Microsoft goes Retro with Solitaire, Mahjong & Minesweeper for windows phone 8 devices

We just mentioned in the previous article that how Smartphones have gripped us & have become an important part of our life but they will still be incomplete if they fail to provide us with the ultimate experience of entertainment and the entertainment aspect cannot be completed without having games on the platform.

While talking about the gaming experience, how can we forgot to talk about the good old days when we had the likes of Solitaire, Mahajong & Minesweeper to provide us with the entertainment by applying a bit of presence of mind, well those good old days are back as Microsoft has gone totally retro by Releasing the Solitaire, Mahajong & Minesweepe for the windows phone 8 devices.

Nokia Lumia 1320 Coming Soon in India

Nokia's latest Windows Phone model Lumia 1320 is a variant of Lumia 1520. This is the second windows phone phablet from Nokia. The device has already been launched in China and it is going to be soon release in India.

Nokia 106 goes on sale in India for INR 1399

   The mobile phones have not only become a status symbol but also an essential part of our life as we use them for a number of reasons like as a camera, navigator & our personal assistant in number of cases apart from the task of calling and when we really require a phone just for calling purpose then nothing comes to our mind except  Nokia. Be it in the terms of reliability or performance Nokia has always delivered on it through its phones. Well here is another instalment from Nokia in this series that provides you a Phone that is just made for the minimalist.

Dec 30, 2013

Line Messenger Will Pay users to Watch ads

Just like Mobile OS's have flooded market from options ranging from Good old Windows, Apple's iOS, Android from Google, Mozilla, or the Scrapped Meego turning into Jolla. Their respectie app stores have also seen a significant competition in apps & the category that have seen most options & stiffens is the IM category where we got a number of apps to woo customers to use their respective apps. Be it BBM, Whatsapp, Line or Wechat everyone has come up with their own offering but now Line messenger has gone a bit far by offering the money to users for watching ads in their app.

Dec 28, 2013

The famous Amar Chitra Katha arrives for windows 8

There is no doubt that smartphones & tablets are replacing the traditional things including our famous newspapers & magazines but then when it comes to the point of entertainment we do loose some fun as we still miss out on our famous old comic books, so to cover up that gap Amar Chitra Katha has launched a app for windows 8 to provide users with the advantage of having great old comic books in the hand of users.

Find 'call history' in iPhone 5s

Aditi Pareek 

Ques. How to trace call history in iPhone 5s? Where can I find call history against one number. 

Unable to send MMS on lumia 625

Dr. Aditya M 

Ques. I am not able to send MMS messages on my Lumia 625. Earlier, i used Nokia X2-01 on which even if the photo or file size was large, the phone used to resize it and send. But this does not happen on my Lumia 625 device as because of 5 MP camera, the file size is large. However, small photos upto 100kb are easily sent. The error message shown is " Can't send: Media content in this message. Try Again." I tried to send the photo after cropping, but still not possible. Please help. 

Merdian Director DAC( Digital to analog converter ) + Martaz amplifier == enhanced sound ?

Sameer Ahmed

Ques: I have a Marantz amp connected to my Boston floor standing speakers . want to attach  a Dac of meridian      
           called Director . Would this enhance the sound ?

Ans. Yes, connecting Meridian Director DAC( Digital to Analog converter) to Marantz amp or any  other amplifier will definitely enhance the sound.

Dec 27, 2013

Gionee Elife E7 launched in India, price starts Rs. 26,999

Its another Android phone in the market but not just like any other android phone in the market, Oh yes we are talking about the Gionee Elife E7 The one unvelied by the Gionee in India at a selling price of INR 26999. The Gionee Elife E7 will be available in India after the 15 January, the Gionee Elife E7 is successoor to the Gionee Elife E6 which was the last flagship phone from the Chinese firm.

Dec 23, 2013

Super slim pen drives vs conventional pen drives

Shaila Patil
Ques. Why does the connecting part of pendrives like Sony Micro Vault USM-V Pen Drive, Sandisk Cruzer Orbit CZ58 etc look different than the conventional ones?? Is function of both the same??

Buying a Printer for average use

Shaila Patil
Ques. Thanks for solving my pendrive query. I want to buy a printer +/- scanner for home use. It should be compact. The use will be maximum 10 pages per week. Which is a better choice??

Dec 20, 2013

Mac Pro On Sale

Apple's latest Mac Pro has reportedly hit the shelves right in time for Christmas. After Introducing Gadget that shivers the spine Apple to Release its highly-anticipated desktop computer, The Mac Pro, in most configurations and in terms of speed and performance, is the most powerful computer that Apple offers, and is one of three desktop computers in the current Mac line up, the other two being the iMac and Mac Mini.

Microvault Pen Drive

Shaila Patil 
Ques. What is a Microvault Pendrive?? Is there any advantage to buy it over normal pendrive?

ANS. Buying Devices Like USB Flash Storage Drives is always a big Question for a newbie, as no one wants to jump into the unknown, lets discuss about this question here. There are many Models of Flash Storage Drives available in Market. Everyone with its own pros and cons.Let's Discuss about your choice, SONY MicroVault.

Dec 17, 2013

Nokia Camera beta app now available for all Windows phone 8 based Lumia Devices

When it comes to mobile photography then there is no one who can withstand the fame of Nokia Devices, be it the N95 N8, Nokia 808 or the latest Nokia 1020 with pureview. Nokia have always created waves with the photography experinece on their devices & after the succes at hardware level now they are pushing it with software fron and that is the reason they are working hard to push out as many apps as they can & latest one to join the party is Nokia Camera Beta.

Nokia Asha 502 now available for INR 5739

Just after the release of mammoth Nokia Lumia 1520 Nokia also released the low cost Asha 502 for the Indian users. The Asha 502 is priced at INR 5739, well Asha 502 might not be the device which you can take to a battle but this phone will surely serve up to your basic needs plus offer entertainment on the go to some limit considering the specification it has got. To be fair i will say i can put my money on this device any day considering the reliability of Nokia plus knowing the fact that it will serve up all the basic needs i got.

Laptop for the gamers

Devik Sodha

Ques. Hello,
I am planning to buy a new laptop that would be able to play most of the high graphics games(if not all).

I am confused between three models :
HP J049tx, Lenovo y510p(core i5 model) and Dell Inspiron 15 7000series(core i5 model).
ANS. Buying a laptop for gaming purpose have always remained a headache as every now and then games released come with different set of advisable configuration so whenever a new game arrives it makes our a day old system to look like a decade old because it wont support the current configuration we have got.

Dec 16, 2013

Nokia Lumia 1520 launched in India for INR 46999

Nokia has launched its first windows Phone 8 based phablet here in India. The Lumia 1520 will be available for a best buy price of INR 46999. The users will have a choice to choose from Red, Black White & Yellow Lumia device. Nokia announced the Nokia Lumia 1520 at the Nokia world just a few months back. Nokia Lumia 1520 is equipped with Windows Phone 8 Inside having the goodness of third windows phone update known as Lumia Black. Nokia Lumia 1520 is the first device to have the third live tile column in start menu though Lumia 1320 will soon join the party.

Google Hangouts on Windows Phone

Dr. Aditya Manekar
Ques. How can I make video calls using Google hangouts on my Lumia 625?? I did not find any specific app in Windows store as it is available on Android PlayStore.

ANS. Google is known for its web services and Google Hangouts is another version of good old Google talk that now come with features of having video chat with one to one or one to many or even supports the group chats. With arsenal like of screen sharing Google hangouts stand directly against the likes of mighty Skype.

Dec 15, 2013

Windows 8.2 Concept by Jay Machalani's

Microsoft Windows the traditional desktop OS which has become the synonym of operating system for our computing devices has always been the play ground of developers. Playground talking in terms of design, tweaking the OS core for optimal performance or adding the features we like though Microsoft never supported them but still developers tried every possible thing they could have done to it.

WhatsApp beta gets Account Migration & Ability to upload Pre Recored Videos for Windows Phone

Windows Phone has always been discarded by some just because it lack some famous native app or the native apps that are present on it are not par with the their version for Android & iOS. Apps are important for a smartphone just like blood for the human body, So when WhatsApp faced the heat from counterparts like WeChat & Line it also worked out on the missing features for the windows phone and the latest one added to list are the ability to upload Pre Rerecorded videos which was not available previously plus the account migration ability when you change the numbers. 

Google Nexus 5 Review

The nexus series has been the most awaited series of android phones and nexus 5 is no exception to that. The nexus 5 is the most value for money high spec'd mobile that you can buy right now. Everything  is just right with it. Even small design elements in the nexus 5 make a great impact, like the round ear speaker grille, loudspeakers at the bottom instead of the back, sleek and slim profile etc. 

Dec 14, 2013

Cover's context-aware Android lock screen launches on Google Play

Lockscreen apps are nothing new to the Android as it feel too crowded by them weather they are about providing the live wallpaper, news on the go or other distinctive features but there are many of them, So every new app seems like a bit the other but few months ago there was Aviate that offered the context based lockscreen or we should say the customized lockscreen as per the environment you in. So now to join that bandwagon of context based lockscreen app Cover announced their app that will also be providing you with the context based lockscreen.

Angry Birds Go, Goes live for Android iOS & Windows Phone

As we reported around a month ago that your favorite game for mobile is coming back again with a new twist in game play & here it is, Angry Birds Go the famous angry birds game that will offer you a new experience all together as now its all about racing. The Game is available for Android, iOS & Windows Phone too.

Dec 13, 2013

Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition is out now

Android is the leading Smartphone OS in the market with a share of more than two third of the total smartphone user but most of that share is from the phones that are running on the customized version of the Android though there is no problem in having a customized version of the android but having the stock android will give you a different experience. Till now it was just the Google powered Nexus series that provided Stock android but then LG jumped onto the bandwagon and now Sony has also decided to join the party by announcing the Sony Z Ultra with the stock android or we can say the Google play edition of Sony Z Ultra.

Dual-USB pendrive for smartphone from sony

Everyday we tussle with the problem of handling our data between the our workstation & mobile devices we use, doesn't matter if there is Bluetooth, NFC or faster cloud services but still data transferring remains a headache though data cables seems to provide a bit of relief but when it comes to the point of transferring from phone to phone then we just have to rely on the Bluetooth that doesn't offer the speed we require, so to catch up with that problem Sony have come up with an optimal solution packaged in a USB drive that comes in a dual mode so that you can connect it to your mobile, tablet or even with your traditional desktop.

Dec 12, 2013

Instagram Now Lets You Share Photos Privately

There is no doubt that tech companies always strive to be better than their rivals as part of their natural phenomenon but copying the features from their counterparts now seems to be part of the trend. After being acquired by Facebook Instagram introduced the short video feature which was the idea from twitter when they introduced the Vine but now seems Instagram is here to challenge the likes of whatsapp, Wechat & even your traditional text messaging as they just introduced the new feature of private messaging.

Alcometer app to tell how drunk you are

Its the time of smartphones & other niche tech engaged life but still nothing betas the fun of getting drunk & lost with your friends, but on a number of nodes these fun activities also end up in worst nightmares. So to end that carnage of worst parties technology has once again come up with an optimal solution that helps in you guiding after a die hard party with your friends. Alcometer is the app for windows phone users that will surely help you in saving yourself from on of those carnage after being drunk.

Extend wifi Router range

Sameer Ahmed

Ques. Dear techtantrik team,
    Hi! I recently got myself a airtel 4g connection in Pune . I have gone for the wireless router (ZTE make ) , which is not giving me a good indoor wifi network . It has a additional antenna port given behind . The box came with no antennas . Neither does airtel or Zte provide antennas for the same . I happen to check that amazon has a lot of antennas for routers on their portal but I don't know which should I choose as I do not know which ones would fit its port.need ur assistance .
Product code ZTE MF 29.

Ans. Hi Sameer, first of all we thank you for choosing techtantrik for your tech related query.
        A lot of people face this wifi range problem, as at times the wifi signal strength is not enough to cover the complete house. In your case you have an Airtel 4g connection supplied with stock ZTE (Modem cum Router)

Dec 10, 2013

Official Chennai Express game arrives for Windows Phone

Movie stars are like alternate to gods here in India so doesn't matter what it takes but fans go to the limit to inch closer towards their favorite stars. Be it buying their endorsed items or copying their looks fans do everything so in this fast paced tech world Movie producers are also moving ahead with fans by giving them the flavor of movies in the form of Mobile phone games and the latest addition to the list is Chennai Express escape from the Rameshwaram.

Control Smartphone using the Smarty Ring

Though the year 2013 was all dedicated to the phablets & Smart watch but now seems as if we got the new tech baby to pamper, as we just received the news about the Smarty Ring that will be your soul companion when paired up with your smartphone. So how does this Smart ring differ from much talked about smart watches well this is relatively small as I m sure you must be knowing the difference of size from watch to a ring so just read on to find what all it got to offer.

HTC launches Desire 501, 601 & 700 in India

HTC announced their new desire series 501, 601 & 700 dual SIM smartphone for India. These phones will be available in a few days in India. HTC might be targeting the time of new year with these sleek & dual SIM android based smartphones for the Indian consumers.

Microsoft releases Socl apps for mobile platforms

Microsoft releases its product Socl from its Fuse labs for mobile platforms that is pronounced as the Social. Socl is a platform where you can create content & instantly share it with other people, you can have your own profile based on the interests where you will have content generated by the people of like minded people so in short it is a thing to fall in love instantly that has now come to your mobile after making a serious fuss at the web platform including a rigorous work from Microsoft Research FUSE labs.

Dec 9, 2013

Preventing others from downloading pics from facebook

abhijeet pawar
Ques. hi .i have query regarding facebook.
i wanna how can protect and prevent my pic from getting downloaded by any one which is easily possible right now.

ANS. Social networks have been embedded into our life as blood for the body as doesn't matter what happens but we can't refrain ourselves from posting everything related to our life on social networks. Weather it's about the current mood, achievements or our travel diaries we share everything on social networks to share & interact with our close friends. Well that's the purpose for which social networks are being developed but again as just like any other luxury these also comes with their bad consequences. So here is the solution to the problem of our reader.

Nokia officially announces the BH-121 Bluetooth headset

Nokia today announced the brand new Bluetooth headset BH-121 that is available in cyan, red, yellow & black. The new accessory will fit in well with the Nokia's Lumia Windows Phone. So what exactly the BH-121 has to offer that there was so much hype for it in the market well there is only one way to find out so just scroll down & get the details.

Host Websites using Dropbox

Developing a website & then finding the right hosting partner has always been a havoc for every guy out there who wanted a site of his own as some hosting providers are too expensive & few others don't offer the reliable services. So to end that menace Brace have come up with a solution that lets you host your website directly from Dropbox. Hosting with the Dropbox will provide you 24X7 connectivity as Dropbox is a reliable cloud storage service & hardly goes offline, so read on to find how to host your website on Dropbox Using the Brace.

Protect your passwords using Telepathwords from Microsoft Resarch

Passwords are the barrier that keeps us safe from revealing to the world that who we really are weather they are of social networks, banking sites or of the system we are using. Their safety is major concern as if they are leaked then one can easily intrude into our life & can exploit our life from financially to emotionally. So considering the consequences we should keep our passwords safe & strong to stay safe in this virtual & faster world but still some glitches expose our passwords, so to avoid that tantrum Microsoft have come up with a tool that might not save you from the hackers but will make sure that you have a strong password to counter that guessing game either intruders or guessing software, so here is our experience from that software.

Dec 7, 2013

See How You Can Easily Find the Best Broadband Plan

Finding the best broadband plan is not that complicated. If you have been trying different internet broadband plans in the past, you may already be exceedingly familiar with their different features, with what works for you and the level of performance you need from each telecom company.

In fact, you know these broadband plans so well you may already have been combining features or plan bundles all this time just to get the right mix.

However, if you are a first-timer thinking of going for your first-ever broadband plan, you need to learn a thing or two to make sure you know how to pick out the right plan for you.

Lumia 520 Wifi Problem




Ques. my nokia lumia 520 phone - not connecting to wifi.

Dec 3, 2013

Will Westinghouse LED TV work fine with Indian Direct To Home(DTH) service provider's STB?

Guruprasad Ravindra
United States

Ques. I have a Westinghouse 40 inch LED TV in US which am planning to bring it to India next year. So, wanted to know if it will work fine in India after connecting to DTH STB?

Dec 2, 2013

Laptop in the range of 35K to 40K

pritesh chauhan
Ques. i am willing to buy an laptop within price range of 35k to 40k without windows i have considered lenovo g510 i5 4th gen 4gb ram and 500gh harddisk with dos for 36k in india is it a worth buy or should consider other option

ANS. Though computing world is too crowded by the smartphone & tablets as of now but no one can deny the stability & comfort offered by the laptops for our computing needs or we can say when it comes to the point of harnessing some real horsepower from our device. Though there is no new release from the side of Intel or AMD for the processors but we still live in dilemma while in quest for our perfect device. So counting all the minor upgrades to the processors & keeping the requirements of your computing needs here is our solution.