Nov 26, 2013

Winamp is closing down on December 20th

It was clear that good things are coming to an end when Microsoft announced that they are closing the support for Windows XP & now this Piece of news from AOL stating that they will be closing the Winamp from December 20 onwards. If you are a computer frenzy guy from the late 1990s then you must be aware about the goodness of Winamp. The good old winamp which was known to be home of all music frenzy guys as it not only offered to play your music but also offered the web music services, but now they will be just in memories as it's closing down on 20th December.

So what led to the fall of this good old Winamp that was sold for over $80 million to AOL some 15 years ago, maybe it's the mismanagement at the AOL after the dot com bubble that led to the fall of this Winamp as there is no doubt that it could have been where iTunes is today but it's AOL who failed to do so with the Winamp to make it the first choice of users. Though Winamp always served the AOL by making money for it & it is still believed that the current revenue of Winamp is $6 million annually but that might not be enough for AOL to keep the service afloat.

It might be the rise of mobile segment of computing that led to the fall of Winamp as it was not able to gain traction on mobile devices as it had on the Windows. Though AOL released an app for the Android & iOS too but then also failed to make the cut with the younger generation.

However users still have a reason to rejoice upon as the AOL stated that users can download the latest version before 20th December & then continue to use that as after that they will not only close the site for it but also the online services. So all you can do after that is enjoy your old player with the music on your system. However people are asking for a open source version but as of now AOL doesn't seem to be interested.

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