Nov 23, 2013

Waze in Windows Phone 8 Stores Now

It's been a big month for Windows Phone 8 users. Apps are increasing day by day. Following the launch of the instagram, Waze a traffic and navigation service also introduced to Windows Phone platform. Waze is now available in windows phone stores for free.

Waze provides live maps, live routing, road alerts and also shows the cheapest gas stations nearest to you along the route. Waze brings out the features such as road conditions, traffic jams and also makes you to meet your friends on your way. Waze is a community based navigation service which can even report the road accidents, traffic jams, etc., in the communities to make easier for other users.

Earlier this year Google owned Waze, now it is also available for Windows Phone 8 OS. After various feedback from the users and customers Microsoft slowly increasing the apps and this could be the good signs from Microsoft. Windows Phone 8 is well known for its good ecosystem.

Recently, Instagram, Vine apps were released and also many updates were also made to other apps. Reports says that Microsoft is also concerned about providing more games. Gameloft is working on this and might be releasing them soon.

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