Nov 13, 2013

Vine for Windows Phone is out now

I think it's like apps are raining for windows phone 8 these days or we can say that developers are try to fill the only dent left in the windows Phone ecosystem. Just a few days ago we reported that like's of Vine, FlipBoard & Instagram are coming to windows phone 8 officially and here is our first entrant. Vine announced through a blog post that they are live on Windows Phone 8.

It's not that windows phone platform is dying due to the scarcity of apps but at the same time we can't deny the fact that it is not growing at the pace on which it should be. So developers are launching their apps trusting the OS that it will surely give them the returns. So new entrant to that list is the famous Short video clip sharing platform Vine. Vine announced it's launch for windows phone 8 through a blog post.

As per the windows phone 8 platform the Vine app also got the neat & Clean Flat UI. As Vine is acquired by the Twitter so for using the Vine all you need to do is Login using your Twitter credentials. The Vine app has a interface similar to twitter where you can see the video's in feed posted by the others, check who involved in your activity, Plus your profile page.

If you don't know about the Vine app then we should mention that it is 6 seconds video(much like GIF) sharing platform. Vine app for Windows Phone takes advantage of Windows Phone’s and lets users capture images within app. It also alerts users for new content via live tiles. Vine will soon incorporate the other features into the app and make it in Line with the Android & iOS app. Vine will clearly have the edge on Instagram by releasing it's app earlier as now Instagram also got the feature of video sharing that too of 15 seconds as compared to the 6 seconds offered by Vine.

Though Rudy Huyn the avid developer for windows phone 8 already released the third party app for Vine named as 6Sec which had the same features as the native client though a refreshed UI.

Hope you guys will now rush to the store for downloading and testing the Vine app for windows phone 8 that really introduced new video sharing features into the market of already crowded apps having nothing new in them. So here is the link for Vine from Windows phone store. 

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