Nov 12, 2013

Using portable hardisk to save disk space on System

Sanjay Jha
navi mumbai, new panvel
Ques. If I transfer my computer hard disk contents to a portable external hard disk will I be able to save space in my computer hard disk. I have lot of movies, how many TB of portable harddisk will I require.which company seagate or any other?

ANS. The Data is a very interesting thing as now it has become the important aspect of lifestyle we live but at the same time that useful data can become our headache as on a number of times we get enough of it that data becomes tough to decide which one to keep & which one to discard, well at that moment the portable hard disks come to our rescue. Portable hard disks have now taken up an important space while managing data as they not only save space on our system but also facilitate us with the advantage of moving around with our data and using it across any device. So how does that work? Lets find out.

The use of portable hard disks is taking up the space very well though emerging technologies like cloud storage have come into picture but they are not enough to rule out the usage of portable hard disks because portable hard disks are cheap & reliable source for storing and backing up data.

Talking about your requirement then any portable hard disk will do the needful as per your requirement. Talking about the concerns then transferring your data to another portable hard disk will surely save the space on your system but do remember about not loosing that hard disk or else your data is gone with that hard disk only.

Keeping in mind the requirement & the specifications then a 2TB hard disk would surely serve the purpose as it will provide you ample space for not only storing your data but can also use it to back up your system image that can serve the purpose of your system crashes down.

Going for the brand then we will recommend the Seagate or you can go with the WD(Western digital) as both brands offer reliable storage that too with a warranty of 3yrs on most of their devices. So investing in them would be a good idea on a longer run.

Though as per your query we have provided you with the best solution of using portable hard disks but do keep in mind that even portable hard disks can crash and thus result in loss of data so it is recommended that you do use some cloud storage like Skydrive or Google Drive for backing up your important data as doesn't matter what happens with your system or portable hard disk data on cloud will always be safe unless you end up in loosing your access codes for it.

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