Nov 20, 2013

The Xperia Z or Nexus 5

These days smartphones are like the rain of Amazon forests as newer ones can be seen everyday that too loaded with almost new features making the just a day longer ones look really old. So choosing one & then making it primary device can now be a peace shattering decision. Few people think that getting a phone which come loaded up with heavy hardware is nice but other feel it for the software thing, So as one of my friend asked me which one to choose from Sony Xperia Z or Nexus 5. Well answering at once can surely break the friendship so for that i did some analysis & here it is.

Talking about the Sony Xperia Z & Nexus 5 then one thing they have in common in Android at their core but to set them apart i would mention that nexus 5 got the stock android where as Xperia Z comes loaded with the modified version of android from Sony. One more thing that can put emphasis on your buying decision is that Nexus 5 got the latest flavor of android aka android kitkat whereas Xperia Z still got the jelly beans & there is still no wording from Sony about the software update from jelly beans to Android Kitkat. So on the software front Nexus 5 is a clear winner.

Now talking about the hardware then both of them are equipped with 2GB of RAM, The one thing that can really shatter your choice for Xperia Z is that it doesn't have support for 4G LTE whereas the Nexus 5 does come loaded with the 4G LTE. Talking about the Processor then Sony Xperia Z got 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, Quad Core whereas Nexus 5 got 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. Talking about the memory then Xperia Z got 16 GB Internal Memory with an option to upgrade using the SD card on the contrary Nexus 5 lacks sd card support though it doesn come in two variants offering 16 GB & 32 GB storage. Here the game seem to be pretty mixed up but still i will put my money on the Nexus 5.

Coming to the display & Camera then Xperia Z might seem to steal the show as none can doubt the Imaging Capabilities of the Sony above that it has 13MP primary shooter in comparison to the 8MP on Nexus 5 and that is enough to say Xperia Z is undisputed winner in this category. The Xperia Z got a 5 inch display whereas Nexus 5 has a 4.95 inch one.

Talking about the battery then Xperia Z has a 2330 mAh in comparison to 2300 mAh on Nexus 5 but we know Sony is a battery hogging device so on battery fron Nexus 5 has got my vote.

The Xperia  Z is priced for 32K & Nexus 5 come in two variants of 16GB/32GB priced 28,999 and 32999 respectively. So here they both score equally.

So we did a thorough check on the specification as per our experiences and even a blind can see that Nexus 5 is a clear winner doesn't matter if you talk about software or hardware Nexus 5 emerges as a clear winner plus the advantage of having stock android on a powerful device So I will put my money on Nexus 5 any day in comparison to Xperia Z. Hope your dilemma is over and don't forget to tell us your choice via comments. 

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