Nov 25, 2013

The Story of Nokia StoryTeller beta

Smartphone's have become a integral part of our life now a days, be it the case of using them for work, study or get accompanied while going for a holiday. While on a vacation we use them for different purpose ranging from navigation, searching hotels or cheap deals, or using their camera to collect the precious memories. Well as we just mentioned the memories then one thing that always seems to bug around with them is proper way to store or present them but seems this problem will soon be another lost story as Nokia has just come up with a nice concept of showing around your vacation trip or just any other picture story. Nokia just developed the Nokia StoryTeller app that helps you to showcase those precious memories in a nice way, So what does the app got? Well let's find out.

Lumia series of Windows Phone devices has always been a point to ponder when we talk about the mobile phone photography & to enhance that experience Nokia always worked hard be it the inclusion of Carl Zeiss lens or photography apps. This time they have come up with Nokia storyTeller that will give life to your pictures.

Nokia Storyteller BETA automatically sorts all your photos, videos and cinemagraphs into interactive groups called stories. Your timeline is where you can browse all your stories and modify them, then view them as slideshows or share them with friends. You can also sort your photos and videos by location, as well as add captions to tell even more of the story. Plus, when you’re looking at a photo, you can zoom out to see where you took it on a map.

The app was announced back in Nokia World at Abu Dhabi & is now available in Beta though to use the app as of now you should own either a Lumia 1520 or Lumia 1320, For the Rest of the Lumia Series they need to upgrade to Nokia Black(originally codenamed Bittersweet Shimmer) for using this app. If the recent rumors are to be believed then Windows Phone 8 will start receiving the firmware update very soon.

Well if you already got a Lumia 1520 or Lumia 1320 or any other Lumia device with the Nokis Black update then you can download the Nokia StoryTeller beta now from the Windows phone store & have a never lasting experience with your memories.

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